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What are plant buddies?

Based on a program from the George A. Smathers Library, our plant study buddies are available for anyone to borrow to keep them company while they study or otherwise spend time in the Science Library. 

Our plant buddies are either spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) or a variety of Mother of Thousands. They are planted in reused plastic cups decorated by our own library staff. 

To check out a plant buddy, simply ask for one at the Science Library circulation desk. Loan periods are for four hours, after which you can return your plant and borrow a different plant. These loan periods are to make sure the plants aren't away from their light source for too long! 

How do I care for my buddy?

All you have to do is make sure to return your plant buddy! 

Don't worry about watering them - in fact if you do water them, you could actually hurt them! Science Library staff take care of watering the buddies so any extra water could lead to them being overwatered. (Not to mention the mess it could cause in the library!)

Why plant buddies?

Interacting with or even seeing plants and nature can help to improve mental health! Check out the sources below for more information: