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Consume Sustainably

One of the most sustainable practices is to decrease the amount of new items purchased, fixing broken items, and finding new uses for no longer used items! Go without the latest and greatest, but when it does come to buying new materials, take where and how they are made into consideration. Below are some resources that can help!

Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is very unsustainable as it produces a multitude of products unethically that are not meant to last. Learning to sew and repair or upcycle clothes is a great way to keep clothes in your closet longer! But when you do need to get rid of clothes or buy more, try donating clothes, go to thrift stores, or buy from more sustainable companies first!

Food Sustainability

Our food is directly connected to our environment, as crops and livestock are grown or raised on the land, and how our waste returns nutrients back to the environment. This means that your decisions on what foods to buy and eat are very important! Supporting local and organic farmers, like those at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market, is great way to discourage the use of harmful pesticides and high food miles, or transporting food long distances. Check out the sources below to adopt even more sustainable eating habits!

Food Waste is extremely harmful in our landfills, as it emits greenhouse gases, while it has so many better uses! The EPA's Food Recovery Hierarchy suggests that everyone first reduce their food surplus, then feed hungry people, then feed animals, then put to industrial use, and compost before sending it to the landfill! Look below for the breakdown.

this is the food recovery hierarchy in English

Donating unused food items in good condition is a great way to reduce food waste and give back to the community! Listed below are some local places where you can drop off food donations or receive food in times of need! Click on each link to learn more!

After you reduce your waste, donate unused items, feed scraps to animals, put waste towards industrial use, you should compost your scraps! Learn more on our Composting page!