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What is a Green Job?

    A green job is any job in any field focused on preserving and restoring the environment and its resources. These jobs commonly include ​positions in science, agriculture, manufacturing, waste management, energy, administration, transport, public service, and more. Each position focuses on limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste and contamination, and increasing energy efficiency. Ultimately, all green jobs will help to restore and protect our natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and the global climate!

    Green jobs will help to establish a circular economy, a system where resources are collected responsibly, products are manufactured sustainably and ethically, consumption is reduced, and products are reused and recycled efficiently. This ultimately reduces resource exploitation, the production of waste, and environmental degradation which we see in our current economic system. A linear economy, like what we have today, relies on non-renewable resources while encouraging cheap and unethical manufacturing as well as high consumption of single use products. This creates significant amounts of waste and pollution. The waste created through a linear economy does not replenish the sources we take raw materials from, but instead degrades the environment further. This linear economy is not sustainable, so it is essential that we invest in establishing a circular economy to support future generations of humans and all other organisms on our planet.

    Due to the drastic increase in greenhouse gas emissions since the Industrial Revolution, the global temperature has been rising. This significant increase in temperature will continue to melt glaciers, raise the sea level, and increase flooding of coastal communities. Climate change also causes more frequent and intense extreme weather events, including hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones, wildfires, and droughts. Because of this, many companies today are pledging to reduce or offset their greenhouse gas emissions, most especially carbon. Carbon neutral is the idea of balancing carbon emissions produced by a company by investing in renewable energy infrastructure or funding reforestation projects. Net-zero carbon emissions is a way for organizations to reduce carbon emissions by removing the same amount of atmospheric emissions they release themselves.

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