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"When I Grow Up" a Short Doc. Directed by Jiang Nengjie, 2012

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What are Left-behind Children

Left-behind children (LB children) refers to rural children under 18 who are left at home when both or one of their parents migrate to urban area for work.

Across China, more than 61 million children – nearly a quarter of children in China – live in rural villages without the presence of their parents, who have migrated in search of work to provide a better life for their families.

From (Xu, Janice Hua (2014). “Telling the Stories of Left-Behind Children in China: From Diary Collection to Digital Filmmaking.” In Proceedings of the Interactive Narratives, New Media & Social Engagement International Conference. Eds. Hudson Moura, Ricardo Sternberg, Regina Cunha, Cecília Queiroz, and Martin Zeilinger. ISBN: 978-0-9939520-0-5) 


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