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Reproductive Justice by Barbara Anne Gurr
Medical Bondage by Deirdre Cooper Owens
Body and Soul by Alondra Nelson
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
Race unmasked: biology and race in the twentieth century by Michael Yudell and Venter, J. Craig
Subprime Health: Debt and Race in U.S. Medicine by Nadine Ehlers ; Leslie R. Hinkson
BOOK Black man in a white coat : a doctor's reflections on race and medicine by Damon Tweedy
Black and blue the origins and consequences of medical racism by Hoberman, John M
Precarious Prescriptions: Contested Histories of Race and Health in North America by Laurie B. Green ; John Mckiernan-González ; Martin Summers
Migration, Ethnicity, Race, and Health in Multicultural Societies by Bhopal, Raj S
Just medicine : a cure for racial inequality in American health care by Dayna Bowen Matthew
Racism : science and tools for the public health professional by Chandra L. Ford
Medical apartheid : the dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans from colonial times to the present by Harriet A Washington
Technology and the Logic of American Racism: A Cultural History of the Body As Evidence by Sarah E Chinn
Fearing the black body : the racial origins of fat phobia by Sabrina Strings
Medicating Race by Anne Pollock
Breathing Race into the Machine: The Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to Genetics by Lundy Braun
Reproducing race an ethnography of pregnancy as a site of racialization by Khiara M. Bridges
Fatal invention how science, politics, and big business re-create race in the twenty-first century by Dorothy Roberts
Unequal treatment confronting racial and ethnic disparities in health care by Smedley, Brian D; Stith, Adrienne Y; Nelson, Alan R
Reproductive injustice : racism, pregnancy, and premature birth


Popular/News Articles
Scholarly/Academic Articles

Podcasts & Videos


"Black Table Talk: Celebrating Black Women’s Health Part 1" | Cayuga Health | 21 min.

"Black Table Talk: Celebrating Black Women’s Health Part 2" | Cayuga Health | 26 min.



"How Racism Makes Us Sick" | David R. Williams | TED | 17 min.



"The Problem With Race Based Medicine" | Dorothy Roberts | TED | 14 min.



"Prioritizing Equity: Examining Race-Based Medicine" | American Medical Association (AMA) | 58 min.

Reading lists

Librarians at Providence Health Care Systems put together two reading lists with the goal of helping caregivers learn more about racial inequality in healthcare. If there are resources on these lists that you are interested in but we don't have access to, contact to see if they can be purchased. 

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