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Anti-Racism Research & Resource Guide

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Mounting Frustration by Susan E. Cahan
Art for an Undivided Earth by Jessica L. Horton
The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Film by Salvador Jimenez Murguía
Race and Racism in Nineteenth-Century Art by Naurice Frank Woods Jr.
Bound to Appear by Huey Copeland
To Describe a Life: notes from the intersection of art and race terror by Darby English
Race and Performance after Repetition edited by Soyica Diggs Colbert, Douglas A. Jones, Shane Vogel
Soul of a nation : art in the age of Black power by Mark Godfrey, Zoé Whitley, Linda Goode Bryant, Susan E. Cahan, David Driskell, Edmund Gaither, Jae Jarrell, Wadsworth Jarrell, Samella Lewis
Southern History on Screen: Race and Rights, 1976-2016 by Bryan M. Jack
Katherine Dunham: Dance and the African Diaspora by Joanna Dee Das
Photographic Returns: Racial Justice and the Time of Photography by Shawn Michelle Smith
Black post-blackness : the black arts movement and twenty-first-century aesthetics by Margo Natalie Crawford
Darker shades : the racial other in early modern art by Victor Ieronim Stoichiță
Screening Race in American Nontheatrical Film by Allyson Nadia Field; Marsha Gordon
Technicolored: Reflections on Race in the Time of TV by Ann DuCille
Black Mirror: The Cultural Contradictions of American Racism by Eric Lott
Race and Cultural Practice in Popular Culture by Domino Renee Perez
Destructive Desires: Rhythm and Blues Culture and the Politics of Racial Equality by Robert J. Patterson
Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States by Su'ad Abdul Khabeer


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How Art Gives Shape to Cultural Change | Thelma Golden | 12 min.


Why I Turned Chicago's Abandoned Homes into Art | Amanda Williams | 13 min.


Sound of Whiteness | Dr. David Sterling Brown & Dr. Jennifer L. Stoever | 95 min.

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