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Anti-Racism Research & Resource Guide

An Introduction to this Guide

Welcome. This guide provides a curated selection of resources and materials on topics related to anti-racism, racial justice, and systemic racism. This guide seeks to provide support to those that are interested in learning more about these topics and provide a launching point for those interested in conducting research on these subjects. In addition, this guide can also serve as a resource for instructors who are interested in diversifying or decolonizing their course readings and resources. The guide is a living document, and will change, adapt, and evolve based on feedback and community input.


Note: This guide includes materials and resources that either freely available online or are provided by the Binghamton University Libraries to the Binghamton community. Some books, databases, and articles may require you to login using your Binghamton University credentials to get access.

Explore the Anti-Racism Research & Resource Guide

To explore all of the resources included in this guide, click on the tabs located on the left-hand side of this page or see below for a table of contents.


Anti-Racism Resources: Getting Started

Anti-Racism Resources: Where to Start.This page provides a featured list of books, articles, a/v, and additional resources that provide information on issues such as white supremacy, systemic racism, racial oppression, and anti-racism.


Resources By Subject

Resources by Subject. This section provides a variety of resources that address issues of racism, systemic racism, and racial justice as it pertains to different subject areas. See the subject areas covered below:

Special Topics

Special Topics. This section provides resources on more specific/specialized topics, issues, or events related to racism, anti-racism, systemic racism, and racial justice. See a list of special topics below:

Celebrating Black Voices

Celebrating Black Voices. This page highlights books, articles, videos, podcasts, and additional resources that celebrate Black literature, art, and culture.


Resources on Decolonizing Curricula

Resources on Decolonizing Curricula. This page provides resources that can help support instructors that are interested in learning more about decolonizing their curricula and incorporating anti-racism into their pedagogy.


Anti-Racism Resources for Higher Education

Anti-Racism Resources for Higher Education. This page provides resources that can help support faculty, staff, and students operating within the higher education system engage in anti-racism efforts.

Comprehensive List of Resources

Comprehensive List of Resources

Comprehensive List of Resources (Click Here for Access): There are hundreds of resources that are included on this guide across several different pages. We understand it may be hard to search and find resources across all of these different pages, and so we have created a searchable Comprehensive List of Resources that includes all of the resources referenced in this guide.

Note: The guide is updated periodically during the year with new resources. We do our best to reflect these changes in the Comprehensive List in a timely manner, but there may be resources listed on the guide that are not yet incorporated into this list. If you notice any resources missing from this list, please feel free to let us know by filling out our feedback form here and we will do our best to add those resources as soon as we are able.