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  • Political Risk Yearbook for...
    Regional guides that provide analysis, data (for a 10 year span), political and economic information and social indicators that are used to judge political and economic stability.   Search for Political Risk Yearbook in Journal Title search for exact regions and dates. 
  • CIA World Factbook 
    Contains country profiles of the history, climate, government, economy, communications, defense forces, and people.
    (For earlier editions, see record for details) 
  • Country Profiles (Library of Congress)
    Summarizes the historical background of a country, and gives a variety of current economic and social statistics. 
  • Background Notes  - (U. S. State Department) 
    Brief facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of all countries.
  • U.S. Department of State: Countries, Regions: Brings a variety of reports, advisories, and fact sheets about regions, countries, and embassies together in one place.
  • Member States: On the Record (U.N. Dag Hammarskold Library)
    Links to resources and documents by state.
  • DES Database (Cater Center)
    Explore international rules and laws by a variety of criteria such as part of election (media rules, campaigning rules, candidate rules, etc), obligation type (freedom of association, citizen voting rights, secret ballot, etc), country, ruling organization and more

Area studies

Collection of sources for scholarly researcher, arranged by region or area of studies.

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