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Political Science: Statistics & Data

Statistics and data sets cover politics, economics and related areas.
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Democracy Indicators / Levels of Democracy

Freedom of the Word;  Polity Regime Trends;  Nations, Development & Democracy
Education Levels World Development Indicators
Election Turnout / Voting Levels Voting, Elections & Elections Data page
GDP & GNP Global Financial Data,  International Financial Statistics
GINI World Development Indicators, Global Financial Data
Human Rights CIRI Human Rights Data Project
Legislative Bodies

Cross National Time Series

Migration UNDATA
Political Rebellion Cross National TIme Series
Polls & Public Opinion Polling Data & Public Opinion page
Population (United States) Global Financial Data (historical and projected), Statistical Insight, Social Explorer
Population (non- United States) Global Financial Data (historical and projected)
Roll Call Votes (US) ICPSR

Indexes and General Data Sets

Sources for large data sets and statistical sources that cross many subject areas.

Political Measurements

  • Center on Democratic Performance (Binghamton University) 
    Contains such reports and data sets as the Presidential Human Rights Report Card, Institution and Elections Project dataset, Election Results Archive.
  • Freedom in the World
    Countries are ranked on measures of political rights and civil liberties, and then given a designation as "free" to "not free."
  • Polity Regime Trends
    Measures the authority characteristics of states. 
  • Database of Political Institutions
    WorldBank dataset ranking governments on a variety of factors including economic and religious orientations, number of seats held, current electoral rules and federalism levels.
  • Quality of Government Dataset
    Compiles a wide range of freely available data on the causes, consequences, and nature of that relate to the Quality of Government (QoG).
  • Nations, Development, and Democracy, 1800-2005
    Complies data from Polity, Freedom House and WDI for 187 countries.
  • Global Terrorism Database
    Systematic open source database documenting international and domestic terrorist incidents.

Statistical Support

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