Subject Guides



  • United Nations Treaty Collection
    Provides information on a variety of treaty and related documents, and includes a databases of provides information on all multi-national treaties in force; and provides the certified text of major UN treaties.
  • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, 1950-1984 (Library Annex @ Conklin JX 231 .A34)
    Full text of US treaties.   Treaties found in this set are indexed in the Treaties in Force series (Government Documents S9.14: )
  • Treaty Series, cumulative index.  United Nations. (Library Annex @ Conklin JX 231 .A34)
    A chronological and alphabetical (by country and subject) listing of treaties, providing information such as title, dates, signatories. 
  • UN Treaty Series (Bartle Library JX170 .U35)
    Indexes the Treaty Series, above.  Libraries has a limited run, but volumes starting from 1989 can be found online.
  • Treaties and other international agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949. (Bartle Ref JX236 1968 .A5 v.1-13)
  • World Treaty Index (University of Washington)
    Database providing information on over 55,000 treaties, from a wide variety of sources.
  • World Treaty Index (Bartle Ref JX 236 1974 v.1-5)

For help in researching treaties and international agreements, consult the Columbia Law School Guide and contact Sarah Maximiek for help in determining what resources we have available.

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