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Engineering Design Division

EDD 104 Course Guide

General Engineering & Applied Science Databases

Animal Science Databases

Recommended Journals and Magazines

The recommended journals and magazines below publish in areas related to your topic and may be useful to search individually or browse through. However, all of the databases listed above provide results of thousands of peer-reviewed journals, magazines, and other sources and will provide more results.


Below is a list of recommended books that relate to your project.

As you research more and expand the scope of your project idea, you may wish to consult books on another topic. You can search the Library Catalog to find more books. See this tutorial on finding and using ebooks for guidance.


Below is a listing of selected Underwritier's Laboratory (UL) standards relating to electrical components of aquariums. You may wish to search their catalog to see if there are others.

UL standards are free to view online. You need to create a  free UL account in order to view them. The "digital view" button will open the standard's online viewer. The online viewer only allows you to click page-by-page; there is no search function or download available.