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나의 마음은 지지 않았다 =Na ŭi maŭm ŭn chiji anatta

Seoul : 영화진흥위원회; Seoul : Yŏnghwa Chinhŭng Wiwŏnhoe 2008 

Newcomb Reading Room (Bartle) Reader Services Desk (DVD)  (D810.C698 N3 2008 ) Description: This documentary profiles a former 'comfort woman' Song Sin-do's story based on her vivid memory. Also includes special comments from eight people who worked for Song Sin-do.

낮은목소리 = Najŭn moksori

Seoul : 영화진흥위원회; Seoul : Yŏnghwa Chinhŭng Wiwŏnhoe 2007 

Newcomb Reading Room (Bartle) Reader Services Desk (DVD) (PN1995.9.D6 N35 2007 ) Description: The documentary profiles former 'comfort women' as they protest outside the Japanese embassy. 


귀로 Homebound
서울 : 문화 체육 관광부 : 한국 영상 자료원; Sŏul : Munhwa Ch'eyuk Kwan'gwangbu : Han'guk Yŏngsang Charyowŏn 2012

 Newcomb Reading Room (Bartle) Reader Services Desk (DVD) (HQ1765.5 .W618 2012 ) Description: Paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries from fighting in the Korean War, Choe Dong-u (played by Kim Jin-gyu) is sexually disabled. He becomes a novelist and uses his own marital relationship as the motif in a novel that is serialized in a newspaper. He starts each morning listening to the footsteps of his wife Lee Ji-yeon (played by Mun Jeong-suk) as she comes up the stairs carrying a bowl of medicine...



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