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나의 마음은 지지 않았다 =Na ŭi maŭm ŭn chiji anatta=My heart is not broken yet (2008)  This documentary profiles a former 'comfort woman' Song Sin-do's story based on her vivid memory. Also includes special comments from eight people who worked for Song Sin-do.

낮은목소리 = Najŭn moksori (2007)  The documentary profiles former 'comfort women' as they protest outside the Japanese embassy. 

 귀로 Homebound (2012)  Paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries from fighting in the Korean War, Choe Dong-u (played by Kim Jin-gyu) is sexually disabled. He becomes a novelist and uses his own marital relationship as the motif in a novel that is serialized in a newspaper. He starts each morning listening to the footsteps of his wife Lee Ji-yeon (played by Mun Jeong-suk) as she comes up the stairs carrying a bowl of medicine...



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