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Introduction to regulations

The words rules and regulations are often used interchangeably.  These are created by agencies and are designed to implement, define or interpret laws or policies.  They carry the same weight as laws or statues.

New York Regulations

The Official compilation of codes, rules, and regulations of New York State (NYCRR) - contains the final version of rules and regulations passed by NYS agencies. This can be accessed:

  • The official version is also available in print: Bartle Reference KFN 5025 .A3

New York State Register
Publishes notices of proposed rules, changes to existing rules, adoption or withdrawal of formerly proposed rule changes; public hearings; securities offerings; and advertisements for bidders/contractors.  

Once a rule or regulation is finalized, it is published in the NYCRR.

New York Statutes

Chapter or Session Laws:  A New York State bill passed into law is referred to as a "chapter law," or a "session law".   Also includes memoranda commenting on individual statutes, the governor's messages, and the like.  There are two types of published law:

  • Consolidated Laws: Most, not all, NYS laws codified by subject.
  • Unconsolidated Laws: Legally binding but not codified, usually because they don't affect the whole state. 

Federal Regulations

The federal government publishes all proposed regulations and final regulations online.

Federal Law

Other State Regulations And Statues

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