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Broome County Adopted Budget & Capital Improvements Program

2005 - present - Broome County Executive webpage

1970s -2009, incomplete run available at the University Downtown Center Library.  Check Library Catalog for details. 

1920s -present Broome County Public Library has the Adopted Budget and CIP from the available for in-library use.  Depending on the year, it will be available either as a separate document, or as part of the Journal of proceedings of the County Legislature of the County of Broome, State of New York. Ask for assistance in second floor Local History section to find the budget you need.

Related documents

  • Audit and Control publishes reports from its Internal Audit, Accounting, Accounts Payable, Assigned Counsel, and Weights and Measures unit online.
  • Broome County Public Library also has limited related fiscal documents available. Ask at the Local History Reference Desk for assistance.

Binghamton City Budget

2007 - present available through the Binghamton City Finance Office. 

1970-2003,  incomplete run available University Downtown Center Library.

1920-present  Broome County Public Library has the City Budget available from the 1920's onward, available for in-library use. Depending on the year, it will be available either as a separate document, or as part of the proceedings for the City Council. Ask for assistance in second floor Local History section to find the budget you need.

New York State Executive Budget

Most recent: Executive Budget homepage. Includes agency presentations, CIP, and related documents

Older years: Available on the Archives page (goes back to 1999)

Financial Statements

NYS Comptrollers Office provides various reports online.

  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2003 -
  • Financial Condition Report, 2003 -
  • Cash Basis Annual Report on NYS Funds, 2002-
  • Summary of Annual State Spending and Receipts, 1999 - 


The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (of the Comptroller) is also available:

1986-1991 on microfilm; 1995, 1998, 2001 in paper  NYS Gov Docs (Bartle Library) COM 695-1 95-7241 
1993 - present is available from the NYS Library

Budget of the United States Government

1996- ongoing:  available online.  Includes related documents, such as Historical Tables, Analytical Perspectives, the Economic Report of the President, and the Citizens Guide to the Federal Budget.

1923-ongoing (unofficial versions) are available through FRASER.

1972 - present available in print at the Bartle Library. 

Related sites: 

  • Congressional Budget Office
    The CBO carries out research and analysis on budget proposals and the budget outlook, and the fiscal impact of policy changes and program issues relating to the federal budget for Congress.
  • GAO reports
    The Government Accountability Office offers reports and testimony on audits, surveys and investigations into a variety of federal programs, laws and services. The office will often include recommendations for further action.
  • Office of Management and Budget
    Budget watchdog arm of the Executive Branch, the OMB writes reports and gives testimony on a wide variety of issues, much of which is available through their website.

Other local budgets:


Johnson City Budget

Town of Union

Need more?

  • County and Municipality sites
  • For older budgets in the area, try appropriate office (Clerk, Comptroller or Mayor). 
  • For other local budgets, use the website above to see what is available online first, then contact local public libraries and government offices.