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New Books

Library of Congress Classification System

Binghamton University Libraries uses the Library of Congress Classification System (LC) to organize books by subject area. The LC call number will appear in the library catalog.

Books on medieval, early modern, and renaissance studies will generally have the following call number classifications:

  • B - Philosophy & Religion
  • D - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia
  • E, F - North and South America
  • P - Literature of the Middle Ages

However, historical and medieval materials can be found throughout the call number ranges A-Z. Books on the history of a particular topic will often be found in the call number range for that topic. For example:

  • Books on the history of Agriculture will be found in the S call number range
  • Books on the history of Law will be found in the K call number range
  • Books on economic or social history will be found in the H call number range


Locate your book by call number using the Collection Locations page and Library Floor Maps.

Visual guide on how to read Library of Congress call numbers