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Searching for Books and Ebooks in Find It!

When you search in Find It!, you're searching in the Library Catalog, Local Digital Collections (Special Collections' Digital Materials and Binghamton University-created materials), and a mega-index of scholarly e-resources including articles, book reviews, ebooks, and more. You can refine your search with the limiters on the left side of the search results page. These include such limiters as date ranges, location, subject headings, and languages.

To search for books in Find It!, follow these steps:

  1. On the Libraries’ website, click Advanced Search on the Find It! tab.
  2. For search scope, select Library Catalog.
  3. For material type, select Books.
  4. Enter your search terms.
  5. Click Search.

Using the advanced search to find books in the library.

Locating Print Books by Call Number

Find It! search result with building/collection and call number highlighted

Library of Congress call number cheat sheet

Where to Search for Books and eBooks

Call Numbers for Music

ML Music History and Criticism

ML47-54.8 Librettos and Texts

ML48-50.6 Operas

ML52.85-53.6 Oratorios

ML53.8-54.2 Other Choral Works

ML54.6-54.8 Solo Vocal Works

ML100-109 Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

ML100 General

ML105-107 Biographical

ML108 Terminology

ML109 Pronunciation

ML110-111.5 Music Librarianship

ML113-158.8 Bibliographies

ML113 General

ML114-119 By time period

ML120 By region or country

ML128 By topic

ML134 Composers, Biographical

ML134.5 Performers and Groups, Biographical

ML136-152 Catalogs

ML156-158.8 Discographies

ML159-360 Music History and Chronology

ML159-160 General Histories

ML161-197 Histories by period

ML198-360 Histories by region or country

ML385-429 Biographies

ML385-406 Collective

ML410 Individual Composers

ML420 Singers

ML421 Performing Groups

ML430-458 Performance Practice and Composition

ML459-1380 Instruments/Instrumental Music

ML1400-3265 The Voice and Vocal Music

ML3469-3541 Popular Music
ML3544-3775 National Music by region or country

ML3800-3920 Philosophy and Physics of Music


MT Music Instruction and Study

MT3-5 History

MT5.5-7 Music Theory

MT9-15 Printed Pedagogical Aids

MT20-34 Systems and Methods

MT35-39 Notation

MT40-67 Composition

MT68 Improvisation

MT70-74 Instrumentation and Orchestration

MT75 Interpretation

MT80 Embellishment

MT82 Memorizing

MT85 Conducting

MT90-146 Analysis and Appreciation, General

MT170-810 Instrumental Techniques

MT179-258 Keyboard

MT259-338 String

MT339-533 Wind

MT539-654 Plucked

MT655-725 Percussion

MT728-735 Ensembles

MT820-915 Singing and Vocal Techniques

MT955-956 Musical Theater

MT960 Music in the Theater