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To search for Scores and Sheet Music/Lead Sheets in the Libraries' catalog, open Advanced Search in Find It!, fill in your search terms, and select "Scores" from the "Material Type" pull down menu. You can further refine the results by selecting some of the many options available in the left column of the search results.

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Online Score and Sheet Music Collections

Score Call Numbers

M Music Scores


M1 Anthologies

M2 Scores based on Historical Sources

M3 Collected Works by Individual Composers


M6-175.5 One Solo Instrument

M6-19 Organ

M20-32 Piano

M32.8-39 Arrangements, transcriptions for piano

M40-44 Violin

M45-49 Viola

M50-54 Cello

M55-59 Double Bass

M60-64 Flute

M65-69 Oboe

M70-74 Clarinet

M75-79 Bassoon

M80-85 Horn

M85-89 Trumpet or Cornet

M90-94 Trombone

M95-99 Tuba

M105-109 Saxophone

M110.B33 Euphonium

M110.E5 English Horn

M115-119 Harp

M125-129 Guitar


M177-990 Two or More Solo Instruments

M182-285 Solo Instrument with Keyboard

M182-186 Organ and One Other Instrument

M200-204 Piano, Four Hands

M214-216 Duets, Two Pianos


M286-299 Duets

M286-287 Two String Instruments

M288-289 Two Wind Instruments

M290-291 One Wind and One String Instrument

M292-293 Two Plucked Instruments

M294-295 One String and One Plucked Instrument

M296-297 One Wind and One Plucked Instrument


M300-399 Trios

M400-499 Quartets

M450-454 String Quartets

M455-459 Wind Quartets

M460-464 String and Wind Quartets


M500-599 Quintets

M600-699 Sextets

M700-799 Septets

M800-899 Octets

M900-986 Nonets


M1000-1075 Orchestra

M1001 Symphonies

M1003 Suites


M1005-1075 Solo Instrument with Orchestra


M1100-1160 String Orchestra


M1105-1160 Solo Instrument with String Orchestra


M1200-1270 Band


M1350-1366 Other Ensembles


M1494-1998 Secular Vocal Music


M1500-1527.8 Dramatic Music

M1500-1509 Operas and Musicals

M1520-1526 Ballets


M1528-1529.5 Two or More Solo Voices


M1627-1853 Folk, National, and Ethnic Music


M1999-2199 Sacred Vocal Music


M2000-2007 Dramatic Music

M2000-2003 Oratorios


M2102-2114.8 Solo Voice


M2115-2146 Hymnals, Hymn Collections