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A Timeline of Korean History


ca. 4000 BCE Kulp'o Culture
ca. 3000 BCE Chulmun Culture
ca. 2000 BCE Ch'aemon Culture
ca. 300 BCE Old Choson
ca. 100 BCE - 313 CE 100 Chinese Han Colonies
  ca. 108 BCE-313 CE North: Chinese Commanderies
  ca. 100 BCE-ca. 280 CE South: Samhan Federation
ca. 50 BCE-668 CE Three Kingdoms

57 BCE-668 CE

  37 BCE-668 CE Kogoryu
  18 BCE-663 CE Paekche
47 CE-562


668-936 United Silla
ca. 890-936 Later Three Kingdoms
1231-1336 Mongol Domination
918-1392 Koryo Dynasty
1392-1897 Choson (Yi) Dynasty
  1418-1450 Reign of King Sejong
  1592-1598 Imjin Wars (Hideyoshi Invasions)
  1724-1800 Reigns of Yongjo and Chongjo
  1600-1850s Two centuries of peace

Foreign skirmishes threaten Korea


Japanese colonial rule


Northern Korea under Soviet Occupation;
Southern Korea under American Occupation


Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)


Republic of Korea (ROK)

1950-1953 Korean War
Consultant: Charles K. Armstrong, The Korea Foundation Associate Professor of Korean Studies in the Social Sciences

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