Film Reviews

For Film Criticism, see the databases listed on the Cinema Homepage.

Web Sites & Print Resources
Reviews, interviews and columns on current and, occasionally, older films.

Film Threat
Contains articles, interviews, festival news, along with reviews of current films and DVDs. Especially good for for films in limited release.

Media History Digital Library
Digitized film magazines from the turn of the century to the 1970s. It has particularly good coverage of the silent film era and Hollywood's golden age in the 1930s and 1940s. Magazines can be downloaded or listened to as audio files.

Reviews of movies, games, television and music.  Similar to Rotten Tomatoes and MRQE in that it has compilations of reviews from multiple sources.

MRQE Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE)
This website covers reviews from both print and web sources for films and DVD releases.

Ebert was probably the most well-known film critic in the United States. His website contains his reviews back to 1967 and has current reviews and essays by other film critics.

Rotten Tomatoes  
Contains reviews of recent films from the nation's top critics. Each film gets a "tomato-meter" score which is obtained by averaging the film's positive and negative reviews.

Variety Film Reviews   Bartle Ref PN 1995.V34
The original set covered 1907-1980, but has been updated through 1996 by biennial volumes. There is an index of titles in volume 16. Starting in 1993, Variety is available full-text through various library databases.

Books on Critics and Film Reviews