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Speech & Hearing


Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID

You can also go to to search, and you can bookmark that page!

Finding FullText

In most of the databases you will see Full Text options either as a PDF or as linked text. Look around for that, as it is in a different place on each database or journal page. DO NOT USE THE FULL TEXT LIMITS in databases. 

If you don't see the full-text, you should see a  link.

If the below doesn't work, or you have an article you are interested in that you found outside of a database, you can create a new ILL request by logging in to your ILL account with your BU login, and making a new request from the options on the left. 

InterLibrary Loan is a free service!

If BU Libraries does not have the book or article you want, ILL will allow you to get it from another library.


LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that identifies and allows access to Binghamton University Libraries-subscribed articles on the web. It can be helpful in getting to the full-text of articles. Check out the guide for more information.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar promotes itself as a resource that provides one-stop shopping for scholarly literature. It searches across many disciplines and covers a wide variety of resources, including journal articles, theses, books, abstracts, and more. Although Google Scholar is aimed at the academic community, it uses a very broad definition of "scholarly literature." Remember that the content isn't free or necessarily available in full-text. It is important to realize that not everything, or even most, in Google Scholar is peer reviewed.

If you find an article you like that has a pay wall, don't pay - see if the library has it or request it through ILL. You can customize Google Scholar to display the Get It! link so you can get access to some articles through the library. 

The Get It! link will automatically occur in Google Scholar searches done on campus. For off campus users:

1. Go to Google Scholar at

2. Before doing a search go into Settings. This is usually under the three bars in the upper left, but may be at the top of the page or elsewhere. Look for the gear symbol. 

3. Type "Binghamton University" in the the "Library Links" box and select "Binghamton Universit - Get It!."


4. Click Save. 

5. The Get It! link will now appear each time you search Google Scholar. (If you are off campus, you will need to log in once you click the Get It! link to get access.)