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Acquisitions Procedures

searching in alma

Pre-order search:

  • Physical material and ebook title searching:
    • can be done in the NZ (SUNY) or IZ (Binghamton) 
    • for known items: search by creator, keyword (with quotes)  or "all titles"
  • "Physical Item" search can be done in the IZ.  This searches on materials at the item record level.
  • There is not a "starts with" search, so you can not type in part of word and expect to be brought to a list.   It will most likely result in a failed search
  • Remember to use the facets along the left to narrow your search - sometimes it might be easier to start with a broad search and use the facets to narrow your results down. 

And be patient.  Try multiple searches - it will take us more time until we get used to the system, and that is ok. 

Locating Orders:

  • Use the ORDER search drop down to limit by title, creator, MMSID, POL, ISBN, etc.   
  • Items that have been withdrawn, orders that have been cancelled, etc will still be available in the ORDER search.    These will not be found by doing TITLE or other type of searches.      To order again from these records, COPY them to our catalog in the MD Editor. 
  • Any item that was "Created without Inventory," such as Access Fees/Hosting Fees/Subscription Fees/OCLC Fees will only be found under ORDER searches. 

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