Acquisitions (working)

Acquisitions Procedures

searching in alma

Pre-order search:

  • Physical material and ebook title searching:
    • can be done in the NZ (SUNY) or IZ (Binghamton) 
    • for known items: search by creator, keyword (with quotes)  or "all titles"
  • "Physical Item" search can be done in the IZ.  This searches on materials at the item record level.
  • There is not a "starts with" search, so you can not type in part of word and expect to be brought to a list.   It will most likely result in a failed search
  • Remember to use the facets along the left to narrow your search - sometimes it might be easier to start with a broad search and use the facets to narrow your results down. 

And be patient.  Try multiple searches - it will take us more time until we get used to the system, and that is ok. 

Local Documentation: