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receiving workflows

receiving screen view

Receiving Screen View 

Remember to check the "Status" filter if you can't find the item you looking to receive.  Setting it to "All" will bring up the most results. 


Locating items that have Interested Users / Notifies 

If you want to work on these items first, set the Status to "All" and then Filter Orders to Interested Users to "Yes."    The physical titles with interested users will be at the top of the list. 


adding enumeration/chronology

If an item requires enumeration / chronological information (for example, Vol 1-2), the receiving workflow will be altered as follows:

Before adding information to the Physical Item Editor General tab: 

1. Select View All Holdings

2.  Select the ellipses to the right of the item you need to edit and click "Edit." This will open the MD Editor. 

3. Edit the record as needed. 

4. Select "Save and Release." 

5. Go Back to the Physical Item Editor screen. 

6.  Edit the General tab as needed including the Enumeration/Chronology information.  The Description will update as you fill out the Enumeration/Chronology.   

7. Save and proceed with Receiving. 

receiving date in alma

Locating the receiving date for a physical item

The date is located with the item information (not on the order screen).   It is easiest to get to this information by doing a title search (Physical Title, Title or Physical Item) search. 

Click on the "Items" link (probably under the ellipses).     

Either the Physical Items screen will appear (scroll down to see the Received date); or the List of Items screen (the date appears in the far right). 

Electronic items in Alma

Are not received, but activated.  They will not show a received date. 

Note about items received before June 2019 (before migration to Alma) 

The Received Date in Alma does not always reflect the "arrival date" that was used in Aleph.   The migrated date was pulled from the Z30 table in Aleph, which included such dates as order record open date; and was not limited to just the "arrival date."   


receiving physical reserve items

Starting the Process

When Receiving the Item From the “Receive New Material” screen, click on the ellipse to the right of the item you are receiving and then select “Manage Items.” This will bring you to the “Received Items” list.


Do a "Physical Title" search for the title in Alma.   Once you have located the title, click on "Physical" item link under the title, and then the link for "Items"

Edit the Item Information

1. Click on the ellipses again to the “Edit Inventory Screen.” On this screen, change the item location(s):

Update the “Permanent Location” to Bartle, Science or UDC; using the call number in the record (or Subject Librarians’ request, if applicable).

2. Under “Temporary Location Information” change the radio button to YES. Select either:

  • Newcomb Reading Room Reserves: MV2HR
  • Downtown Center: DV2HR (books)
  • Downtown Center: DV3HR (dvd)

HINT: When you see the magnifying glass, type in the location code instead of scrolling.

3. Go back to the top of the page and add the Item Policy: Regular Loan. (Do not add the barcode yet!) 

4. Click on the NOTES tab.   Under “Fulfillment Note,"  include information about the Reserve (ie. Semester/Course/Professor)

5. Go back to the GENERAL tab and now add the barcode of the item. Alma will then save the item information automatically and take you back to the “Received Items List.”

You can finish receiving the item by selecting the check box to the right of the title and selecting “Save and Receive.”

"receiving" electronic reserve items

1.  Verify if it is a reserves item (all items bought from the RESERVES fund; or if there is a NOTE indicating it is for RESERVES). 

  • If the Note tab is "turned down" check to see if there is reserves information here (i.e SPR202/WILSON/SOC100).  

2. Add an "Interested User"  and check the "Upon Activation" box. 

  • if the item is SW (Social Work), PAFF (Public Administration), CCPA, or HDEV (Human Development) the interested user is
  • for all other reserve items or when in doubt, use

If you did not select an Interested User before the book was activated, please notify Sarah or Caryl so they can send an email to Reserves. 


JYaples and SMaximiek 2/4/20 , updated 11/20