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did this ebook just catalog itself?

Or...the autolinking of API orders to the CZ 

Sometimes we will get an activation notice for a title ordered on through GOBI or OASIS, and it appears the ebook has already been activated. 

WHOA.  What s going on?! 

Short summary:  if we have the correct CZ collection activated in our IZ, then the link should be made.  If not, it will create a standalone portfolio, so we have to create a link to the CZ, as necessary. 

This is awesome, providing it works properly, which of course it does not.  Sometimes it will link to the wrong CZ.    So always, always double check and make sure everything works and everything looks right.    

See the Alma Release Notes, below, for more information. 

S. Maximiek, Created July 17, 2020

public notes

The "Public Note" field in the Electronic Portfolio should always be checked when activating ebooks and other portfolios. 

If an ebook has a user limit; we note in the Public Note field:

  • 1 user ; 3 user ; 6 user, etc. 

Do not note other limits (non-linear lending, concurrent access, etc.) unless told otherwise (see Streaming Videos - ordering and activation).  These do not usually bar an user from accessing a title. 

If a Public Note appears in the field upon activation, edit it as necessary. 

In the July 2020 release, some user notes started to migrate into this field directly from the vendor.  We are editing the mapping table as needed to change the language of these notes to match our used notation.  

If you see unexpected notes in the Public Note field (publisher provides access, etc.), please let Sarah know the MMSID of the record so she can alter the mapping table, if necessary. 


S. Maximiek, July 9, 2020

updating electronic holdings

  • Find the title in Alma (look for the electronic holding, this should be the community zone record)
  • Click on electronic and find the interface you want to adjust – then click view
  • Click on the coverage tab (this will show you current coverage)
  • Now where it says (Which coverage statement will be applied?)  Click on only local, and then go down to the local date information
  • Click on add date information and enter your custom date range and save
  • You can then look at in discovery to make sure it is now correct  (S. Hall)

closing orders

As expected, all continuous orders will stay open until closed or canceled.  However, since in Alma,  "canceling" an order deletes the inventory associated with an item, so the default will be "CLOSE" continuous orders, regardless of the reason for non-renewal. 

  • Search by title, POL, or Aleph order number
  • Click edit
  • Click on the note tab then add note put your note in then hit add  (you do not need to initial or date the note)
  • Click on the close button that is going across the top – you will get a message…You are going to close the PO Line 000589638-00101. Are you sure you want to continue?
  • If it shows an "Expected Receipt Date"  on the order, it can be removed by deleing  the "Subscription Interval" and the "Expected Receipt date" from the POL Line Details screen (in the Vendor Information Section). 
  • Hit confirm (the order is now closed)

title changes

If a porfolio has a title change and there is an order attached,  move the order to new record (import a record in from OCLC if needed). 

See Handling Serial Title Changes for the how-to. 


Created by S. Maximiek, August 12,  2021

upgrading an e-book license

For books ordered through OASIS 
(including PROCOUTTS orders)


First, create a second order for the title in OASIS

Fund should be the original subject fund used for the first order, even if it is a different fiscal year 

In the "Note to Proquest" box write "Upgrade to (type of license)."  For example upgrade to unlimited license ​

Check the box on the order screen that reads: "Check if duplicate order."    (This will allow the order to go through the system without issue) 

The order will go through initially in OASIS at the full price of the new license.  However, we will be invoiced  for the price difference between the previous price paid and the price of the new license. 

Next, Check / Create  the order in Alma 

  • API orders: check to ensure the price reflected is the invoiced price and not the initially charged price. 
  • To manually create a second order:
    Reorder the title in Alma using the "Electronic Titles"  --- "Titles" search.   Then select the "Order" button.  Fill out the order information, using the same fund code for that was previously used for the title, even if it is for a difference fiscal year.   Use the price difference between the original license and the new license as the order price. Click on "ORDER NOW" to complete the order. 

For books ordered through GOBI 

EBSCO Platform books

Send the order in GOBI for the new license

  • Use account 2050-05
  • Fund should match that of the original order 
  • place a note indicating it is a license upgrade in the "to YBP box"

Create the order in Alma

  • Search for the original order using "Electronic Titles - Titles" and then click on "Order." 
  • Create the order as a PO Line Type "License Upgrade"
  • The fund used will be the same fund used for the original order 
  • Price should be the difference between the original order price and the upgraded license. 
  • Include a note to explain the purchase. 


For all other platforms

  • The book slip should be emailed from GOBI to our current account rep.   In the message box, include a note that explains that we a license upgrade from (x licenses) to (x license) and from what fund.   Fund should be the original subject fund used for the first order, even if it is a different fiscal year. 
  • Wait until we receive notification until the title has been upgrade to create the order in Alma, following the procedure above. 


S. Maximiek, Feb. 10, 2020, Updated 5/7/2020; 5/3/2021

policy for POL when ceasing

What to do if you know a title is ending

If you are working on the New Title Change Notifications that Ebsco sends out occasionally or if you have information from another reliable source that a title is ceasing, going OA being discontinued etc.  When you make a note on the order record, at the same time please close the record and also let the subject librarian know what is happening to the title.  By closing off the order it will not just be hanging out as a POL waiting to renew in the task list of Alma, below is an example