Citation Analysis & Metrics

Locate impact factors and related measures, how to locate where and how often authors and articles are cited, and how to create scholar profiles.


  1. Researchers may want to know how many times their own work has been referenced, or measure how often a journal has been cited, before submitting a work to it for publication.  There are various metrics at the author, article and journal level.
  2. While researching, using cited works as a tool is an easy way to dig deeper into relevant sources, including ones that may not show up easily in databases (such as unpublished works or datasets).  
  3. Using cited works can point a researcher into new directions or new disciplinary areas to pursue for their topic.
  4. By reviewing the cited works, a researcher will start to notice patterns of authors and works, and can start to recognize fundamental works and important researchers in their field. 


These databases and platforms can be used to locate where articles have been cited.

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