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Citation Analysis & Metrics

Locate impact factors and related measures, how to locate where and how often authors and articles are cited, and how to create scholar profiles.

What is the Author Citation Report

Author Citation Reports (ACR) offer metrics on the overall body of work (articles) cited.  The ACR only offers metrics for journals that are indexed in Web of Science.



Author Finder

  • Use the Author Finder search to help you narrow down cited articles by a particular author.
  • Author Finder displays the authors institution and allows you to view articles quickly, and combine more then one listing into a search result
  • This allows you to quickly find the work of an author that may use name variants (e.g. K Smith, Kristy Smith or Kristine Smith), as well as those who have multiple affiliations

Running the Author Citation Report

To create an Author Citation Report:

  • use the Cited References search and search for your Author
    • use the Author Finder tool if you need to determine how to enter their name
  • On the results screen, select the record(s) that best represent your author
  • Select "Finish Search" 
  • The results screen will display the cited works by the author.  You can click on "Create Citation Report" to view a report for all results; or select specific articles on which to run the report.