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African American History


Africa Resource

Africa Resource 

A portal with links to several online peer-reviewed journals, as well as bibliographies, poetry, biographies, autobiographies, and news items dealing with Africa and the diaspora. Binghamton University Professor Nkiru Nzegwu is one of the site's creators. (Africa Resource Center)


MPI Data Hub 

Provides data collected by the non-profit think tank Migration Policy Institute based in Washington, DC. Includes numerous maps generated from US Census data and international sources on immigration, refugees, migration, remittances, etc. in the U.S. and abroad. Includes links to the Migration Information Source and several MPI policy papers. (Migration Policy Institute)

African American Experience 

Residents of New York state and state employees may apply for a New York State Library card, which will enable access to this database. Covers African American culture and history, including entries from several African American encyclopedias, WPA narratives, primary source documents, and digitized books and articles. (New York State Library)

Library of Congress

American Memory: African American History

Provides links to the five collections of materials in the Library of Congress detailing African American life and culture. Highlights include slave and other personal narratives, sheet music, sound recordings of the blues, pamphlets, and collections on Jackie Robinson, Fredrick Douglass, and Zora Neale Hurston. Rich source for primary resources. (Library of Congress)

African American Writers of the 19th Century

Use this link to find the works of great 19th century African American writers. Users can search by title, author, fiction, poetry, essays, and biographies. 

TransAtlantic Slave Trade Database

This site archives the names of different slave ships and documents the people aboard those ships.

African Newspapers Union List

Use this index of newspapers created by the Center for Research Libraries.

Africana Conference Papers Index

Index to individual papers (West European languages) of the Africana conference proceedings held by Northwestern University Library.

Umbra Home

UMBRA Search: African American History Digital Archive (created by the University of Minnesota)

Archival database searching through over 1,000 US archives, libraries, and museums presenting materials related to black history.

National Museum of African American History and Culture Collection

Explore over 37,000 materials in the Smithsonian museum's archive. Read through descriptions and view scanned images.


TED Talks

To view more Ted Talks on Africa, visit their site: Africa the Next Chapter