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Digital Scholarship

A guide to digital scholarship tools, methods, and best practices across the digital humanities and data-driven fields

Digital Scholarship

What is Digital Scholarship? 

In general digital scholarship is the use of digital tools or methods to create, publish or arrange materials in service of research or pedagogical practices. 

The Digital Scholarship team considers digital scholarship to be a broad category of methods and practice encapsulating other larger categories such as digital humanities and scholarly communication. 


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This Guide

This guide is organized by method and subject to make things easier to find and hopefully allow you to explore new topics and tools. It begins with general topics and resources you can find on Binghamton's campus and then goes through more specific methods and tools. You can navigate the guide through the tabs on the left hand menu, be sure to expand any menus to check out the sections nested within them. 

If you have any questions about the guide, digital scholarship or the methods and tools within it please reach out to the digital scholarship team in the library: