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Literature Reviews

The term Literature Review is sometimes used to refer to a variety of types of reviews. In 2009 a nursing librarian examined and described the 14 most common types of reviews. You can read her "A typology of reviews: an analysis of 14 review types and associated methodologies" article here

"Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students" is a recent (2017, updated 2019) book on literature reviews has been published and is available as a free open education resource. While the book is focused on nursing graduate students, it is broken down into easy to navigate parts and would be beneficial for anyone interested in learning more about literature reviews.

North Carolina State University Libraries put together a video tutorial covering literature reviews. If you have a literature review project coming up the below video may help (you can also view it here). The contact information for the Nursing Librarian is on the left of this page - she is also available to help!


Article / Research Critiques

Article critiques are a way for you to evaluate and assess a piece of literature. It is important to critique articles for a couple reasons. First, not all articles are written on well done research study and methods. Although there are no "perfect" studies or articles, you want to make sure the research you are using is as bias-free and scientifically valid as possible. Second, you want to make sure that the research you are looking at is applicable to your particular information need - is it relevant to your patient(s) and situation?

Below are some resources to help you better understand and execute an article critique. The University of Texas School of Public Health has a library guide with some additional resources, including a couple videos. Massey University also has a library guide some good information. 

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Articles - containing examples and tips

Helpful Books

Below are a few books that may be helpful. Search Find It! on the Libraries' website for more books on nursing or health research and writing.