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Tests & Measures

Use of Tests and Measures

Tests and measures are standardized instruments, validated through research, and used to evaluate individuals, populations and processes. 

Responsible use of tests and measures: 

  • Tests and measures cannot be be modified without permission of the copyright holder; even those that are freely available
  • The author's permission must be sought to use the instruments; even those that are freely available
  • To maintain the integrity of the instrument and uphold the publisher's copyright, every effort should be made to adhere to the publisher guidelines for use of the instrument.
  • Find more information in the Copyright and Tests tab

APA statements of the use of secure psychological tests

Where to start

Background information can very helpful when trying to determine which test or measure is appropriate for your research. To find background information: 

  • Develop a clear research question which identifies the population/problem, intervention, and type of evaluation (treat, observe, diagnose)
    • What variable are you trying to measure?
  • Search for articles which address your research question and consider the instruments they have used for evaluation.
  • Review the PsycTESTS classification codes for additional information. 
    • Every record in the APA PsycTESTS database is classified with a code to identify the general area of psychology the instrument is designed to evaluate.
  • Look for reviews of the instrument you have identified. Is the instrument validated? 
    • Find the study which documents the validation of the instrument. This information should be cited in the instrument. 

Find a list of databases and search tips here 


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