Subject Guides

Voting, elections & the electoral process

Elections, candidates, finance data, voter turnouts, roll call results, and related information for US elections.

Candidate and election information

  • League of Woman Voters
    Non-partisan, issue-based information on national candidates, as well as information about the US electoral system, primaries, how to register to vote, get an absentee ballot, finding your polling place, and more.

    The New York State League provides a Voting Q&A for College Students in NYS, along with absentee ballot information, candidate information, deadlines,  polling place sites and more.
  • Ballotpedia
    National political almanac offering news, election information and results about federal, state, local, judge and school board politics.
    Breaks through the spin of political campaigns to fact check ads, statements and election media.
  • Project Vote Smart
    Information source for issue statements, financial disclosures, and voting records for Congressional and Presidential candidates.

Electoral process

  • Election Process 
    A comprehensive, yet easy to read explanation of the U.S. electoral process for national office.
  • GreenPapers
    Provides election and voting relating news, such as voting returns, information and commentary on the electoral college and federal representation, and links to related sites. Information on elections dates back to 2000.
  • Initiative and Referendum Institute
    Studies the abilities of a US citizen to be able to directly place issues on a ballot. The BallotWatch page tracks initiates that have been placed on ballots using initative or referendum procedures by state.
    Information on issues relating to voting in the U.S. such as redistricting, gerrymandering, election reform, and voter turnout.
  • Redistricting Game (Annenberg Center)
    Can you re-draw lines to better serve your party?  To ensure you stay elected?  Is this legal?  Play the game to find out.

  • DES Database (Cater Center)
    Explore international rules and laws by a variety of criteria such as part of election (media rules, campaigning rules, candidate rules, etc), obligation type (freedom of association, citizen voting rights, secret ballot, etc), country, ruling organization and more.