Voting, elections & the electoral process

Campaign finances

  • NYS Candidate Disclosure Reports
    View the candidate disclosure reports filed with the NYS Board of Elections from 1999-present. 
  • Federal Election Commission: Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal
    Covers national level elections.  
  • (Center for Responsive Politics)
    Tracks the political money to make a direct link from campaign donations to votes and public policy decisions of elected officials. Huge source of raw data, including 527 forms, campaign finance data, lobbying data and personal finances.
  • Campaign Finance Institute
    Non-partisan organization that studies campaign finance, issues reports, and makes recommendations.   Provides data on campaign finances and information on state and federal laws.
  • Followthemoney
    Tracks how contributions affect state elections.
  • MapLight
    Combines contributions, how members of Congress voted, and interest group and company support of bills into one database.
  • Political Advocacy Groups
    Directory of US lobbyists. 

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