Environmental Economics

United States Data

U.S. Energy Information Administration Official energy statistics from the United States government on petroleum, natural gas, electricity, nuclear power and renewables. 

Scorecard--the Pollution Information Site Covers pollution geographically by zip code.  Quite out of date, but is being updated.

Emissions Trading Data and Contracts  Market information on emissions trading, carbon dioxide, solar energy, etc., can be found via the Bloomberg terminal (located just inside the Government Documents room off of Bartle Library Reference). Registration is required to use the terminal.  Type your search term (carbon, for example) and then limit the results to the Commodities section.

University of Michigan Energy Survey Survey of Americans' attitudes towards energy.  First administered in October 2013 and conducted quarterly since then.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information and statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Tracking the Sun Berkeley Lab's Tracking the Sun report series is dedicated to summarizing installed prices and other trends among grid-connected distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in the United States.


International Data

World Development Indicators  Statistical database that has data on carbon dioxide damage, CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, energy, forest depletion, air pollution, etc.

Edgar: Emissions Database for Atmospheric Research This is a European Union site that has data on global emissions of greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollution by country.

Environmental Data Explorer Is the authoritative source for datasets used by the United Nations Environmental Programme and its partners in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report and other integrated assessments.

International Energy Agency International data on energy sources, carbon emissions, world energy statistics, forecasts, etc.

Energy Statistics Yearbook  United Nations Yearbook on world energy supplies and statistics.

Climate Change Data Resource from the World Bank which provides climate change data by country.  Click on Data & Resources and then the Excel link to get the files.

Climate Change Knowledge: Historical Data  Additional climate change information from the World Bank.