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Binghamton University Libraries exhibits aim to increase awareness of the Libraries' rich and varied collections, services, and events, as well as build community partnerships and promote University-wide activities.

The Library Exhibits Committee encourages requests and suggestions for exhibits. Decisions for accepting an exhibit proposal are based on whether it meets the Exhibit Guidelines,as well as on space, staffing and funding considerations.

The committee is comprised of the following dedicated and hardworking Libraries staff and faculty: 

Emily Beston
Barbara Blake
Jeremy Dibbell
Sharon Bunch (UDC Chair)
Bryan Field
Amy Gay
Caitlin Holton
Aleshia Huber (Science Library Chair)
Andrea Melione (Full Committee Chair)
Erica Mosher 
Bill Palmer
Blythe Roveland-Brenton
Jillian Sandy
Anna Simek
Angela Taylor
Vacant (Bartle Chair)
Rachel Turner (Guest Curator Chair)
Mary Tuttle
Julie Wang (Chinese Cultural Experience Center Chair)
Mien Wong