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Binghamton University Libraries' Exhibits: Global Experience

Current Exhibit


Roads of Discovery: International Study Here and Abroad

This exhibit was produced in collaboration with International Student Scholar Services and International Education and Global Services.

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The exhibit is located on the 1st floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library

Past Exhibits



Do you know what an inkstone is or how it is used? This exhibit introduces the art of Chinese calligraphy. Visitors will learn about the history of Chinese calligraphy, view the different styles of script and learn how the tools of writing calligraphy are used. Visitors will have an up-close view of original artworks and understand Chinese calligraphy’s social impact and its continuing practices from ancient China to the present day.

Please enjoy the video of Xiuwen Li, our guest artist and calligrapher.

The exhibit was located in the Chinese Cultural Experience Center on the 1st floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library



The Ancient Art of Chinese Papercutting: From Heart to Hands How old is the art of Chinese papercutting? How are papercuts made? This exhibit allowed visitors to experience the rich design and delicate technique of Chinese papercutting. The guest curator was Jason Joonsoo Park, the recipient of a Fulbright grant for his PhD program in Art History at Binghamton University. Mr. Park selected Library materials and original papercutting, and discussed the history, style, subjects, usages of tools of this fascinating art.



exhibitsFrom Cradle to Grave: Experiencing Life Cycle Rituals in Ancient China

In this exhibit, visitors learned of the rich and varied rituals of Ancient China in this exhibit at the Chinese Cultural Experience Center located in Bartle Library. From the birth celebration to funeral ceremony, Ancient Chinese rites, traditional customs and culture were displayed througha beautiful original painting, and books and illustrations from the Libraries' Asian Collection.

The exhibit supported students’ research and practical training was curated by presented by Siyin Zhao, a Ph.D. candidate in History; and Huanna Yu, a senior in Graphic Design; and the Libraries’ Exhibit Committee.

This exhibit was on display through November, 2018 on the 1st floor in Bartle Library.


Developing over the centuries from masks, and gradually forming its own symbolic meanings, facial makeup is one of the most distinctive features of the Peking Opera. Through an exhibit of books from the Libraries’ own collection, visitors were provided a closer look at the facial makeup used to portray different opera characters.