Binghamton University Libraries' Exhibits: UDC Library


Government Documents: Use the Past to Plan Your Future

Have you ever wondered about the local impact of trade tariffs? Or the social cost of carbon emission? From local budget analysis to military reports on global warming, government documents offer a wealth of knowledge from local, state and federal levels. They make sense of our world and help us plan for our future. This exhibit offers guidance on searching within the SuDocs government classification system and highlights some of the fascinating and useful items found within the Libraries’ government documents collection.

The exhibit is located in the UDC Library and will be on display through November, 2018.



Sustainability: How Can I Make a Difference?

The term "sustainability" evokes electric cars, solar power and clean water. How can I get involved? Visitors were invited to go deeper into what sustainability really means as a citizen of Planet Earth, at the University Downtown Center (UDC) Library-Information Commons. Sustainability: What can I do? featured books and materials that can help guide your research or serve as a jumping off point for those interested in living sustainable lives.