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English for Multi-Linguals (EML) Library Guide

Useful information for EML students about how to use the library and do research for your classes.

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Introduction to This Page

Check out the books below by clicking on them. These books are a mix of fun books as well as other books that have been purchased to support you. 

Books You May Like!

Cover of Mini Aquariums
Cover of Celebrate the American Way
Cover of College the American Way
Cover of English U.S.A. Every Day
Cover of Academic Vocabulary in Use Edition with Answers 2nd Edition
Cover of Vietnam Journal
Cover of Abelard
Cover of Trinity
Cover of American Born Chinese
Cover of Hey, Kiddo
Cover of Holocaust Graphic Narratives
Cover of Howl: A Graphic Novel
Cover of Cartoon Physics
Cover of Professional writing for social work practice, 2nd Ed.
Cover of Professional Writing for the Human Services
Cover of Academic Writing for International Students of Science
Cover of Writing for the Workplace
Cover of Academic Writing for Engineering Publications
Cover of The Essentials of Academic Writing for International Students
Cover of Digital Writing for English Language Learners
Cover of Writing for Engineering and Science Students
Cover of Writing for Scholars
Cover of The Routledge Student Guide to English Usage
Cover of Writing Support for International Graduate Students

Pleasure Reading Collectoin

You may also enjoy reading books in our Pleasure Reading Collection. This collection can be found on the second floor of Bartle Library before entering the bridge to the North Reading Room. These books have a shorter checkout time of 3 weeks.