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Permission Verification for Journals

There are a range of copyright policies for each publisher. Most publishers allow authors to openly share the accepted manuscript version of their work but not the final publisher version. 

Preprint (or Pre-Peer Reviewed) The initial version submitted to the publisher, before peer-review edits

Postprint (or Accepted Manuscript)

This version has been corrected with peer-review feedback but has not yet been formatted
Final Version (or Version of Record) The final version with the publisher branding and formatting

The tools listed below will help provide more details related to each publisher's guidelines for publicly posting/ self-archiving content.

Revising publication agreements

You may need to retain rights to use materials in your publication to comply with a funder or use at a later time. Negotiating with publishers is one way to secure additional rights to use your work.

What rights can be amended?

  • the right to reproduce, the distribute, to publicly perform, and to to publicly display the work in any medium for non-commercial purposes
  • the right to prepare derivative works from the item
  • the right to deposit the final manuscript in a local repository such as the ORB
  • the right to authorize others to make any non-commercial use of the work so long as the author receives credit as author and the journal in which the work is published is cited as the source of first publication of the article.

If you need to amend a publisher agreement, the  SPARC Addendum to Publishing Agreement is a good place to start.

Also consider talking to colleagues who have previously worked with the publisher to get a better sense of how flexible they are regarding negotiation.

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