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Census Data

The United States Census is the primary source for demographic and social data collection across the United States. In addition to conducting the Census every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau gathers data on a wide variety of topics that provides information on the nation's population and economy.

  • Population changes: Southern Tier East Region, 1940-1990: Final Report. (Bartle Reference HA545 .P6 1991)
  • Neighborhood Change Database
    Provides selected variables from the 1970 - 2010  censuses at the nation, state, county, or census tract levels. Where available, normalized time-series data can be accessed in Census 2010 tract boundaries. CD-ROM located on Data Workstation in Government Documents Room. 

Census guides

  • Census Geography
    Consult this excellent guide from NorthWestern
  • America Census Handbook (Bartle Library  CS49 .K4 2001)
    A general guide to the thousands of published census indexes currently available in print and online
  • Dubester's U.S. census bibliography with SuDocs class numbers and indexes (Bartle Library HA214 .C66 1996)
  • Subject index to Current Population reports and other population report series  (Bartle Library HA203.M67 1996)
  • Census catalog and guide. (Gov Docs C 3.163/3: yr; online 1949-1998)
    Describes data products and publications from the Census Bureau, including geographic scope of the information.
  • A researcher's guide to the 1980 Census (Bartle Reference HA201 1980 .R43)
  • Bureau of the Census catalog of publications, 1790--1972. (HA 207 .A198 1974)
  • Population information in the twentieth century census volumes, 1900-1940 (Bartle Library HA214 .S382 1985)
  • State census records (Bartle Reference HA214 .L34 1992)
  • New York State censuses & substitutes (Bartle Reference HA545 .D65 2005)

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