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Federal and State Court Cases 
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U.S Courts
Gateway to the Federal Court system. See Understanding the Federal Courts for information on the organization, operation, and administration of the entire federal court system; the location and number of judges who sit on each court; charts of the structure of the federal court system; and the path a case takes as it works its way through this system.

Federal Judicial Center (Federal Web Locator/Emory University)
The education and research agency for the federal court system. Contains the Center's research on federal court operations, procedures, and court history.

Supreme Court of the United States 
Docket page provides information on regarding the status of cases for both the current and prior term. Also inlcudes arguements calendar and transcripts, rules, orders, and opinions and orders. Recent opinions are available on the site (slip opinions) until the opinions for an entire Term are published in the bound volumes of the U. S. Reports. 

Offices of the United States Attorneys
Provides annual statistical reports, priority areas for prosecution, and more. 

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