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BIOL 113 Class Guide

Ethics in the Sciences

As you are developing your solution, experiment and, ultimately, your global implementation plan for the scientific proposal, it is essential to keep all ethical considerations in mind. This page is meant to provide you with resources for determining how to design your experiments and global implementation plans in an ethical manner. 

This is not a complete list of resources. As we progress through the semester, I will update this page with more resources as I find them/they become necessary. You are responsible for determining the ethical considerations for your research - even if the resources are not currently on this list. 


Does your experiment involve live, non-human animals? Use Binghamton's Laboratory Animal Resources for a better understanding of the ethical considerations and requirements of working with animals in the lab. 

Are you using human subjects? You will likely need IRB approval to conduct your research. Binghamton's resources and requirements here are based on The Belmont Report. 

Are you considering the use of stem cells in your research? You should read Binghamton's policies on that here

Thinking about genetic engineering in your solution? Binghamton has resources for that too. 

Are you using microbes? You will want to consider Biosafety guidelines when thinking about ethics.