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BIOL 113 Class Guide

Biology Journal Lists

Binghamton University Libraries provides access to hundreds of journals that are relevant to the Biological Sciences. Below are links to explore our journal holdings for different areas of study. For a list of all of the biology journals, click here.

Searching For Journals

You can search also for journals directly from the Libraries' homepage. However, it can be a bit easier to find the journal you want by first clicking on "Journals."

Screenshot of Libraries' homepage search box indicating where to click to search specifically for journals.

After you search you can click on the title of the journal you are interested in to find more information. Sometimes you can click on "Available Online" to go directly to the journal's homepage, but that doesn't always work.

Once you are in the Libraries' record for the journal you should see at least one option for full-text availability. Click on the link that provides access to the date range you are interested in. The below example has three different options to get full-text, the first is for archival materials (1842-1844), while the last two have current access but have different starting dates. 

Screenshot of the Libraries' record for Lancet showing the multiple options for full-text access.

You can also search for a specific journal using BrowZine:

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