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BIOL 113 Class Guide

Figure of Expected Results

As a part of your Scientific Proposal, you are required to develop one (or more) figure(s) of expected results. 

Some General Requirements for your Figure: 

- The figure should show your results. Think about the data your are collecting, think about your experimental group and controls. What should be on the x-axis and what should be on the y-axis? Are your axes clearly labelled? Are all units correct and in the proper locations? 

- You may use any program you want (excel, spreadsheets, etc.), but your final figure must be organized well and easy to read and interpret. 

- You should have a figure description that describes what your figure is showing. 

- Your figure should indicate statistical significance where appropriate. Remember, the figure is meant to show your expected results. Statistical significance is important here. Unsure about this? Review Evaluating Scientific Claims - Part 1 to refresh your memory on statistical significance.