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Scifinder Scholar

Scifinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts Online)

Scifinder Scholar is the online version of Chemical Abstracts and contains several databases. CAS (Chemical Abstract Services) maintains and supports this database.

Scifinder Scholar contains the following:

  • CAPlus - chemistry literature research and patents worldwide
  • Registry Database - index of chemical substances and property data
  • CASReact - chemical reaction data and reaction schema
  • Medline - medicine and biochemical research literature
  • Chemcats - chemical catalog data
  • CHEMList - regulatory information for chemicals

Scifinder Scholar is the most complete single source for chemical research information on the web. It contains over 37 million articles and patents from over 10,000 journals, 72 million substances and 1,000 chemical suppliers from 1909 to the present. 

Registration: every Binghamton user of Scifinder Scholar will need to register. Contact the Chemistry Librarian ( to obtain the registration URL.

Support and Training: CAS provides a variety of support materials online for all areas of Scifinder:

Off-campus access: Scifinder is accessible off-campus. Going to the Libraries' home page, and then selecting Databases in the Search and Find Section should take you to Scifinder Scholar. You will need to use your BU username and password for proxy server access.


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