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Governors Office

  • The Governor's Office
    provides links to Executive orders, speeches, proclamations, press releases, and the like.

New York State Budget

New York State Executive Budget

Most recent: Available online at the Executive Budget homepage.(includes agency presentations, CIP, and related documents)

Older years: Available on the Archives page.

1996 -
Bartle Ref HJ 11 .N7417 (most recent year)
NYS Gov Docs (Bartle Library) GOV 075 .0-3 EXEBU 76-59709

Financial Statements

NYS Comptrollers Office provides various reports online.

  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2003 -
  • Financial Condition Report, 2003 -
  • Cash Basis Annual Report on NYS Funds, 2002-
  • Summary of Annual State Spending and Receipts, 1999 - 


The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (of the Comptroller) is also available:

1986-1991 on microfilm; 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2001 in paper
NYS Gov Docs (Bartle Library) COM 695-1 95-7241

1993 - present is available from the NYS Library


Departments, agencies and commissions

Most -frequently requested departments and agencies:

To locate more:

  • Citizens' Guide - Offers state agency listings, contact information, and local government information
  • The New York State Red Book  / New York State Directory (Bartle Library Reference Desk  JK3430 .N5)
    Comprehensive guide to New York State governmental organization, including information about agencies, commissions, authorities, the legislature, judgeships. Also contains county government information.


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