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Information Literacy Toolkit

Using the Toolkit

The Information Literacy Toolkit is a collection of approaches instructors can use to incorporate information literacy skills into assignments and courses. These resources can help you scaffold research skills into your classes, devise new approaches to assign research projects, and help you assess your students' work.

  • Browse the Toolkit by what you'd like your students to learn, assignment type, and/or assessment. 
  • All resources are Creative-Commons licensed.  Feel free to reuse and remix resources with attribution.

Student Learning Outcomes

On November 9, 2021, the SUNY Board of Trustees passed Resolution 2021-48 establishing the new SUNY General Education Framework (SUNY GE). This framework will be effective beginning with the Fall 2023 semester.

Information Literacy has been added as a Competency to the revised General Education requirements. Classes with an IL designation will meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Locate information effectively using tools appropriate to their need and discipline;
  • Evaluate information with an awareness of authority, validity, and bias; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical dimensions of information use, creation, and dissemination.

Additional guidance includes: Students need to acquire information literacy appropriate to the demands of the 21st century citizen, and campuses must have flexibility to implement and assess these learning outcomes across a diverse range of academic programs. The Information Literacy core competency is not necessarily associated with any one course, though the student learning outcomes may be required in one or more specific courses. In either case, campuses must ensure that the required learning outcomes are included in each undergraduate degree curriculum.

Toolkit Feedback

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