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Binghamton University Libraries' Exhibits: Guest Curator Program Policies and Submission Form

Guest Curator Program

The Guest Curator Program invites members of the campus community to submit ideas for exhibit consideration.  

Guest exhibits are displayed in the Glenn G. Bartle Library first floor lobby.



Proposal Selection​: Exhibit proposal submissions will be selected on a case-by-case basis.

Submission Deadlines: Fall exhibits: Submission must be received before the last week in April to be considered for a subsequent Fall exhibit.  Spring Exhibits: Submissions must be received by the last week in August to be considered for a subsequent Spring exhibit.

Exhibit Duration: The proposed duration of an exhibit may be a determining factor during selection and this is at the discretion of the Guest Curator Program Subcommittee. If the Subcommittee determines the proposed duration is an issue and may result in the rejection of a proposal, the Subcommittee chair will meet with the guest who submitted the proposal to try to resolve the duration issue.

Library and Guest curated Exhibits will incorporate the following principles:

  • Be fair-minded and sensitive regarding themes and issues of potential controversy
  • Be consistent with freedom of information and cultural diversity
  • Be well thought out, adequately prepared and aesthetically pleasing
  • Display materials relevant to the theme of the exhibit
  • Not promote personal, political, commercial or parochial organizational positions

Terms and Conditions:

Please read - submission of proposal signals agreement to the below terms:

Content submission: While we try our best to provide appropriate security to our exhibits spaces, there is no insurance for lost or damaged materials.You submit items at your own risk and the submission of an exhibit proposal constitutes an understanding of this.

Interactivity/Activity: Interactive exhibits, exhibits with interactive elements, and exhibits that are or incorporate an activity are highly encouraged. However, any active or interactive elements must be proposed, coordinated, designed and assembled by the guest curator. The library subcommittee will not be responsible for anything more than providing appropriate materials which have been priorly agreed upon.  The Libraries is not responsible for any damage sustained by interactive elements, no matter the reason.

Returning your display content: Due to limited storage space, the Libraries prefer facsimiles of content that can be recycled two weeks after the exhibit is over. Unless otherwise noted, by submitting material to an exhibit you are authorizing the Libraries to dispose of your materials two weeks after the exhibit is dismantled in the event the content is not retrieved. If you would like your content back, it must be retrieved within two weeks of the exhibit closing.

Publicity: The Libraries’ will post guest curated exhibit information to the Libraries’ blog and Facebook account.  If high resolution images are provided at the date of proposal submission, a poster design for the guest curated exhibit will be designed. Templates are also provided. The Guest Curator is responsible for any additional promotion.

If you agree to these terms, click the above Submission Form tab.

Please note: by submitting the form, you are agreeing to the polices of the Guest Curator Program.