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ORCID @ Binghamton University

This guide is intended for faculty and student researchers. It contains information about the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) registry, including how to get, use, and connect your ORCID iD.

Enhance Your ORCID Record

You can add scholarly efforts, memberships, and more to your ORCID record through a variety of ways. Adding this information to your record creates a more complete picture of the work in scholarship, service, memberships, held positions, and more. On this page, we've outlined a few of the possibilities for adding information to your record. Utilize any combination of these sources to add to your account.

For a complete listing of current integrations that you can connect to, check out this page.

Import Works from Databases

ORCID's Search & Link wizards allow you to import data about publications from databases such as Crossref, Datacite and Scopus (ORCID has a full list of supported databases on their site). Watch the video below to learn how!

ORCID has also developed more information on allowing databases, such as those that create DOIs, to automatically update your ORCID account when a scholarly work is published.

Import and Export Citations using BibTeX

Import/export your citations between ORCID and other systems such as Google Scholar or using BibTeX files. Check out ORCID's tutorial. (If your citations cannot be exported in BibTeX, don't worry! There are other ways to update your account. See the "Using ORCID" page for more information.)

BibTeX is a platform-independent, plain-text format used for bibliographic citations. BibTeX files can be created and edited using many popular reference management tools, such as Google Scholar Citations, EndNote, Papers, etc.

To import a list of works saved in a BibTeX file into your ORCID record:

  1. In the works section of your record go to +Add, then select Add BibTeX.

  2. Click Choose BibTeX file to import to open the file menu, then select the BibTeX (.bib) file you want to import.

  3. The publications from the file will appear in a list. Select those works which you would like to import, then click Import work to your record at the bottom of the page to import selected works.

  4. The publications will appear listed under the Works section in your record with your name listed as the source.

For more information about importing and exporting BibTex files into ORCID, visit their Support site.

[Original images and text created by ORCID and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.]

Manually Add Works

You can manually add works to your ORCID profile. You may want to do this for presentations or other content that is not listed in databases such as Crossref.

To add a work click the +Add button then click the Add manually button.

You are required to include a Work Category, a Work Type, and a Title. We recommend completing the Work identifiers field and as many other fields as possible when manually adding works.

For more information, take a look at ORCID's help page for manually adding works, or check out the list of supported Work Types if you want guidance in choosing which one to use.