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Weapons of Math Destruction, Common Read 2022

This guide is intended to help faculty and students engage with the 2022 Common Read book, Weapons of Math Destruction. Special thanks to Vicky Ludas Orlofsky and Courtney Walsh of Stevens Institute of Technology for the foundation for this guide.

AI in Insurance

AI in Insurance

“In the world of WMDs, privacy is increasingly a luxury that only the wealthy can afford.” (p. 170)

The Industry

AI in Action

“If companies set up free and voluntary wellness programs, few would have reason to object. (And workers who opt in to such programs do, in fact, register gains, though they might well have done so without them.) But tying a flawed statistic like BMI to compensation, and compelling workers to mold their bodies to the corporation’s ideal, infringes on freedom. It gives companies an excuse to punish people they don’t like to look at -- and to remove money from their pockets at the same time.” (p. 177)