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Distrubution and verification of ebooks

1.  Activation emails are sent to the LibAcq email account.  This account should be checked daily by those who catalog ebooks.

2.  Retrieve the relevant bibliographic record that was uploaded in Alma.

3.  If record doesn't meet copy cataloging standards (see Copy Cataloging of Electronic Monographs (Unabridged)  or (Abridged with Template), search for and overlay with a better OCLC record if available (see Picking an ebook OCLC Record).

4.  If no better record is available from OCLC, forward email notification to Jill Yaples indicating which title needs adjusted cataloging.

5. After cataloging titles. go the TASK LIST in Alma.  Look for the title (it may be in the unassigned  or assigned to you tab) and use the ellipses to mark the item as DONE.  (This action closes the order and notifies any interested users)

Further information:  See "Electronic Activation Done Confirmation Messages" and "Electronic Activation Done Error Messages" on the Managing Electronic Resources page from ExLibris. 


Jackie goes to the Task List on a regular basis and checks for e-books that may not have been move to DONE 

Sarah reviews the open ebooks orders on the Acquisitions Dashboard and follows up with vendors as needed. 

If electronic activation notices are received and the book is not available, the notice can be forwarded to Sarah for follow-up.

S. Maximiek/ Updated July 23, 2022